Past Events and Happenings

Day In The Park

The next Day In The Park will be on July 22nd at Felton’s Cover Bridge Park. You can either bring a lunch or pick up food for one of the local eateries.
Every summer Elevation hosts multiple events called “Day In The Park.” These are times of fellowship and community building, where we enjoy lunch and each other’s company.


Mexico Mission Trip 2018

From July 7-14 Elevation will be sending a team to Mexico for a short term mission trip.

For this mission trip there are 4 main focus points. 

  1. The team will be building a new classroom for Sunday School, and art/music classes. The team will work on this each day except Sunday.
  2. They will be teaching on Sunday morning and Wednesday night for the whole church. They will be teaching about forgiveness and Hebrews 10. 
  3. Bethany will be teaching self defense Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night with a Bible lesson. The others in the team will be assisting her in the class.
  4. Friday night will be a movie community outreach. The whole team will be assisting  the Pastor, Silvestri Duarte.

The prayer schedule will be:

Saturday July 7th – Please pray for safe travels.
Sunday July 8th – Please pray that those who come to hear the teaching learn and are blessed through it.
Monday July 9th – Please pray that the construction of the new classroom goes smoothly and that the self defense class is a success.
Tuesday July 10th – Please pray that the construction of the new classroom goes smoothly and that the self defense classes is a success.
Wednesday July 11th – Please pray that the team can get more done than expected with the construction of the new classroom and that the Wednesday night teaching goes well and the church is blessed through it.
Thursday July 12th -Please pray that the construction of the new classroom goes smoothly and that the self defense class is a success.
Friday July 13th – Please pray that they can complete the classroom construction and that Friday night’s movie outreach goes well.
Saturday July 14th – Please pray for safe travels.


Project Share 2018

Hi Elevation family!  
This year we’re going to take a special offering again for the Benevolence fund at Easter season.  It’s called Project Share.  The idea is that we will be accepting special offerings to put in a restricted fund to serve and help those who have run into financial emergencies in our church and the greater community.  Please be aware that our hope is that all gifts made to this fund are over and above your normal giving.  If people shift their giving to this fund we won’t have enough to pay the bills from the general fund.  It’s a great opportunity to serve people in need, we hope you’ll pray and joyfully join us in putting aside money for those in need ! – The E Board
To Donate to Project Share please go to Benevolence (Project Share)


Parent & Child Dedication

January 21 during service
Let us know if interested!


E Adopts Family for Christmas 2017

Blessing a Family of 5
They are SUPER grateful for your gifts!


2018 South Africa Mission Trip

TRIP DATES:  February 27 – March 13, 2018
Next Training Sunday January 28 @12:30pm


Candy Outreach October 31st

Tuesday October 31st from 4:30 – 8:30pm
Help us reach out to families in the  Felton area!


Baptism & Dedication Interest

Being baptized?  Dedicating your child?