Detour To Daybreak Camp

The bridge to Daybreak Camp is being fixed, so we need to take a detour to E in The Trees (our outdoor, in-person service).
Please enter by the horse pasture on Mount Hermon Road and follow the road to Daybreak’s kitchen and bathroom area. Then you can turn right towards our normal parking area. 
We will have our signs out to help you find your way.
Please see this map for details.
Detour for Daybreak Camp

E In The Trees at daybreak camp

E In The Trees

E In The Trees at daybreak camp

The Elder board of Elevation Church has decided to begin to offer a covid-conscious, socially-distanced, outdoor in-person ministry opportunity beginning in July! This new addition to our ministry will provide opportunities to meet live in person or online.  This additional service is called “E in the Trees” and will provide a unique opportunity to worship and hear God’s word in a beautiful outdoor setting in Felton!

While there are many differing opinions on Covid-19 and varying levels of familiarity and understanding of the science, our goal as an Elder board is to lead in unity in the same way we want to encourage the body to act towards one another.  However, acting in unity does not mean that everyone is the same.

grocery store senior hours

Santa Cruz County Grocery Store Hours

grocery store senior hours

We would like to make sure everyone is fully informed during this Covid-19 event. Please find a list of grocery stores with ‘senior hours.’ These hours will help all over 60 or those in a vulnerable health category to stay safe.

Santa Cruz County Grocery Stores Senior Hours- Covid-19 Updated 03/19/2020


Store Hours: 8am-9pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    Wednesdays 8am-9am

Wild Roots- Felton & Boulder Creek

Store Hours: 9am-7pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    Monday-Friday 9am-10am

Costco -Santa Cruz

Store Hours: 9am-830pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    Tues & Thurs 8am-9am

Wholefoods –41st Capitola

Store Hours:  9am-8pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    60+ 8am-9am (has been very crowded)

Trader Joes  – Capitola

Store Hours: 9am-7pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    no senior only hours but they can shop from the car, bring list and payment method

call 831-425-0140 they will come out and go shopping for you. *if they are very busy expect delays, very short staffed*

Shopper’s Corner- Santa Cruz

Store Hours: 6am-9pm (may change)

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests     Shoppers Corner don’t have any right

now, they will take you order and shop for you. Send list via email with

your name and your phone number. They will shop it for you and call you for

pick up.​

Staff of Life – Santa Cruz

Store Hours : 9am-9pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    Monday-Friday 8am-9am

Local Safeway’s as of 03/19/2020

Safeway Felton

Store Hours: 7am-9pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    Tuesdays & Thursdays 7am-9am

Safeway Scotts Valley

Store Hours : 6am-10pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    Everyday 6am-9am

Safeway – Morrisey Santa Cruz

Store Hours : 7am-9pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    Tuesdays & Thursdays 7am-9am

Safeway 41st Soquel

Store Hours : 6am-10pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    Tuesdays & Thursdays 6am-9am

Safeway Aptos

Store Hours: 6am-9pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    Tuesdays & Thursdays 6am-9am

Safeway Westside Santa Cruz

Store Hours: 6am-10pm

Seniors & Vulnerable Guests:    No Senior Hours at this time​

e in the ether logo

March 2020 Church Service Update

e in the ether logo

After prayer, study, and discussion the Elders of Elevation feel that is is best for us to forgo meeting in person and switch to a live online stream gathering for this Sunday March 15th and the following Sunday March 22nd. 

We’re NOT canceling services, we are moving them online to Facebook Live on the Elevation Facebook page for the next two weeks.  We will be seeking long-term solutions as we join other churches in the community to protect those most vulnerable to the virus. 

This week we’ll have version 1.0 as we learn to live stream, we’ll have opportunities for prayer requests, an encouraging word and a sermon from Chuckk, and links for some other surprise good ministry resources.  We will work in the coming week to get to LiveStream version 2.0 and make it even better. 

Here is the address and link to click on to get to our live stream remember it will start at 10 o’clock sharp just like our normal service!  If you don’t already have a Facebook account, why not get one so you can continue to be part of our community during this interesting and unique time in the life of our church!

Love for our community denotes that we protect those most vulnerable and also comply with local leadership who have asked groups to not meet to care for those in danger and to slow the spread.

A good word for the day -Don’t panic, it’s not time for panic -in fact there’s no time to panic for the followers of the mighty king who always sits upon the throne. Pray, serve, love, and seek ways to serve those around you.

Check the CDC website for the latest aids in healthy living in this season.

Please take this time to sit down with your children and discuss hand hygiene. Proper hand washing should be encouraged while sharing food, close proximity, etc. should be discouraged.


Elevation's Malawi Mission Trip

2020 Malawi Trip Prayer List

Elevation's Malawi Mission Trip
Mike Snyder, Erlo Driemeyer, and Rhudolph Nkosi are hoping and planning to help start a new church in Mzimba, a very rural area of Malawi. They would appreciate your prayers to our Father for a Christ centered awakening and clarity in their efforts while in Mzimba. Erlo Driemeyer and Rhudolph Nkosi will be the point people in this opportunity. Mike will be focusing on teaching children. Erlo is driving several days before and after our time in Malawi from South Africa to Zimbabwe to Mozambique to Malawi and return. 
Please keep all 3 men in your prayers.

Elevation's Bible Study Groups

Bible Studies and Life Groups

Elevation's Bible Study Groups
Elevation and members of Elevation enjoy regular intentional time with others studying the Bible and doing Life together. We have 5 Bible studies and Life groups that we would like you to know about.

Elevation's Malawi Mission Trip

Informational Meeting for Malawi Mission Trip 2020

Elevation's Malawi Mission Trip
Are you interested in going on a short term mission trip? Well we are planning our next one for March 4-18, 2020. Elevation will be taking an outreach trip to Malawi to help our friends Erlo and Rhudolph in planting a new church.