Elevation’s Elders

We welcome you to get to know Elevation’s elders with these short bios and pictures.
Elevations Elders
Elevation Mike Snyder Elder picture
Mike Snyder (Mike@elevationsc.org)
Elder Board President 
Mike Snyder is the ‘pilgrim messenger’ of our church, leading teams on adventures around the world with our short-term mission trips. He is also generous with his time and abilities filling any needed role.
 Elevation's Elders Ken Schulze
Ken Schulze  (Ken@elevationsc.org)
Elder Board Treasurer 
Ken Schulze’s commitment to serving is a true treasure. The behind-the-scenes work he does is vital for Elevation’s success.
Ken is the husband of Jan, and they have 3 young adult kids.
Justin Elevation Elder
Justin Barron (Justin@elevationsc.org)
Elder Board Secretary 

Justin has been a member of Elevation since 2009 and has had multiple roles in the past. He has helped with the children’s ministry, directed the youth ministry, partnered with local churches, and has been the guest speaker several times.

Justin has a heart for people, and his passions include: Influencing the world for good on a global scale, Lord willing; working with children and youth to teach, mentor, and train them up in the truth, wisdom, and goodness of God so they are better equipped to live and love God and others well; inspiring and motivating others toward personal, professional, and spiritual growth in order to maximize their God-given potential in all areas of life; learning from others and exchanging knowledge and understanding of varying perspectives; exploring and using technology for fun and positive impact, including working in the Information Security industry to help protect people and the Internet; and engaging with entrepreneurship and business as a tool for transforming lives and furthering the Lord’s kingdom.

Justin loves meeting new people and building healthy, life-giving relationships, so feel free to reach out and say hello!

Teaching Pastor Update.
Oscar James (Oscar@elevationsc.org)
Elder At Large

Oscar James is originally from Liberia.  In August of 1988, by a miracle of God, Oscar left Liberia for the United States. Displaced from his homeland, Oscar completed his studies and settled in San Jose, California where he worked as a business professional. He later married his wife Sophie and together, they are blessed with three children, Leighton, Miles, and Sophia-Denise. Corporate America proved to be a blessing to his family but the Lord reminded him continually about the miracle of him being spared the trials of war in Liberia. He openly admits that he always knew God had another plan for his life. 

In 2001, Oscar affirmatively answered the call of the Lord on his life to minister to the people of his native land, Liberia. He set about to preach and share God’s love with everyone ensuring that all people might be saved.  Today, Oscar and Sophie are in charge of Ahead Ministries in Liberia and are ministering to thousands. Christ is preached, the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, widows and children are being cared for. Through Ahead, they have planted several churches, operate schools, medical centers, drill water wells to provide clean drinking water, assist with farming programs, micro-finance, and hold training seminars.