End of January 2021 Update

We know change is difficult at times and we have all had plenty of change in this last year! Elevation’s elders have been praying and discussing where we sense the Lord leading as Chuckk transitions out of his role as the teaching pastor.
While Gerwigs begin the process of stepping down from Elevation and moving to Southern California the remaining elders will be taking a more active role in leading different areas of the church. John Broersma will oversee worship. Justin Barron will oversee our youth, children, nursery, and small group ministries. Ken Schulze will oversee the budget and all things money. Mike Snyder will oversee facilities and location. John and Mike will oversee the search for finding a new teaching pastor. We plan for Chuckk to teach through at least Easter and June would be the latest he is available on a regular basis. 
Elevation has always been a volunteer-run church filled with adaptable people. Now is no different. You can help shape the future of Elevation. Please pray and if you want to join in helping in a specific area, please contact the elder in charge of that area. 
In Christ, the Elders of Elevation
(John@Elevationsc.org, Ken@elevationsc.org, Justin@elevationsc.org, and Mike@elevationsc.org)