kids listening to a teacher in South Africa 2019

Feb 21 South Africa Mission Trip Update

kids listening to a teacher in South Africa 2019
The lord answered our prayers regarding the children’s ministry! Two of the respected older Zulu men have restored order and separated the older kids from the younger. Still had about 120 or so kids but seems much more calm. We are able to pray with the children while sharing the Bible stories and activities. Char shared the story of Rahab and the Israelite spies, Kim shared the Samaritan Woman at the Well and Sharon shared the Prodigal son. We review all the stories and the children seem to be grasping the stories as well as the Evange-Cube. We had about 20 or so kids pray to receive Jesus as Lord!
Kim led the mid week Bible study out of James and it was well received. About 30 people from the village along with our group, many came for prayer and many prayed with and for each other.
Today (Thursday) was church on wheels we took 13 of us in a Land Rover to a neighboring village and shared the Gospel and prayed with people who had some connection to Hamba Ekukhanyeni. Sobering to see the physical and spiritual poverty in some of the places. One young man prayed to receive Jesus as a direct result of the training! Very encouraging! One old Granny was interested in marriage with Mike but when she was told he was married she wanted to know about Mike’s father.
Friday , Saturday and Sunday will all be children’s teaching days as well as hut to hut visits to people who are connected to the church here. Been a little light on pictures so I am hoping to be able to send some Friday or Saturday.
-In Christ mike for the team