Final 2019 South Africa trip update

As most of the South Africa team finished our long road home Friday night, we wanted all of you to know how much we appreciated all your support. Prayers, finances, suitcases, driving, and more. It takes all of God’s people to fulfill His mission for us “go and make disciples”.
In our time at Hamba Ekukhayeni we taught children stories from the Bible, taught adults how to pray and share their faith in Jesus, preached the Word and built a prototype hawk proof (we hope) chicken cage. Many came to a saving knowledge of Christ, had prayer for healing and freedom from evil spirits. We had a lot of time for fellowship with our Zulu friends and visited many in their homes and pre schools. The whole team taught, prayed and served in the ministry of Walk in the Light. It was a blessing to serve with God’s people in this place!
In Christ, Mike for the team