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We at Elevation are mission focused, both locally and globally. We would like to share with you glimpses of what our global mission trips look like. Please enjoy these blogs on our different mission trips.

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Ladies in South Africa

Final 2019 South Africa trip update

Ladies in South Africa
As most of the South Africa team finished our long road home Friday night, we wanted all of you to know how much we appreciated all your support. Prayers, finances, suitcases, driving, and more. It takes all of God’s people to fulfill His mission for us “go and make disciples”.
In our time at Hamba Ekukhayeni we taught children stories from the Bible, taught adults how to pray and share their faith in Jesus, preached the Word and built a prototype hawk proof (we hope) chicken cage. Many came to a saving knowledge of Christ, had prayer for healing and freedom from evil spirits. We had a lot of time for fellowship with our Zulu friends and visited many in their homes and pre schools. The whole team taught, prayed and served in the ministry of Walk in the Light. It was a blessing to serve with God’s people in this place!
In Christ, Mike for the team

2019 carnival in South Africa

February 24th Mission Trip Update

2019 carnival in South Africa

Tina here, or Teener as Erlo would say.

Friday we had only two from the team go with the Zulus hut to hut.  We want to replicate ourselves.  Having them do more and more the ministry of visiting their neighbors, and with less and less of us.   This is how it will be when we are back in the states.  The team (of 13 Zulus, Debby, Kim, and Ron driving) didn’t get back till after 2pm.  We were beginning to get concerned they wouldn’t make it back before the children’s ministry.  Jessica taught the story of Ruth and how God provided for her and Naomi, after her husband and sons died.  About 145  children were attentive and answered the questions about the story and about the Evangi-Cube!


On Saturday Char set up the carnival.  They played all kinds of games!  We were able to encourage and bless children that are rarely touched or loved.  Just a pat on the back, and “good job” goes a long way in a culture that diminishes the value of children.  In the afternoon Ron drove the ladies and Tim to  Estcourt out to the rug factory for some shopping time.  There was thunder storm with lightning and hail the size of a quarter back at Walking in the Light while the shoppers were out and about.  We are praising God that the hail did not destroy the crops, as it did for the last two years.  Farming God’s Way is their income and their food.  Please pray for the hail to stay away from the fields so the people can enjoy the blessings from their hard work. Today is Sunday evening and you will be just starting church at Elevation as we wind down our day.
This morning we were pleasantly surprised with four ladies arriving at our gate.  Nunu, who we saw the first day at Dalton Bridge and has ministered with Erlo for years, had not been back at Walking in the Light Church for three years.  She and three others that were a part of the ministry in Dalton Bridge before Erlo established the church here, traveled for TWO hours, walking and taking taxis to get to church today.  We were elated and full of joy o see our Cecees (see- sees or sisters)  in Christ again.  Mike preached a message to the adults, and many people asked to be prayed over.  Tina led the children’s ministry today.  She talked about how Jesu is the only Way to heaven and the story of the four men who helped their paralyzed friend get to Jesu.  Jesu looked at the paralyzed man and said “your sins are forgiven”. The children heard that Jesu is able to forgive their sins and heal them, just as He healed the paralyzed man!  The children helped to tell the story of salvation through the Evangi-Cube.  They are hearing with their ears how God is the only ONE true God, and that no other gods can do what Jesu can do.
We have had SO many opportunities to love on and serve the Zulu people.  Thank you for your prayers!  God is on the move in this village and is preparing His people… so that all Africa shall be saved!



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