kids' ministry resources during shelter-in-place

Kid’s Ministry during Shelter-In-Place

kids' ministry resources during shelter-in-place
It has been an interesting few weeks and we have the promise of at least several more ahead of us! As of this morning, it’ll last until May 3. During this time things have changed and shifted to online to meet and congregate.
As the Kid’s Ministry and Mike (an elder) talk about what will work for our kiddos during this time, it appears reasonable and efficient to use the online opportunities. The leaders of the Kid’s Ministry would like to highlight one online resource in particular since it has so many types of activities that parents might choose from to engage their kids anytime during the week if and when they choose to. Elevation does want to encourage you the parents to make time for kids church at home with your little disciples. You can Watch a video, tell a bible story, discuss and ask questions. Also, pray with them and over them, and sing a worship song or two. Keep Jesus at the center in this time.
The site, Ministry To Children ( is  so great the Kid’s Ministry leaders think that it might be the “new curriculum” we have been looking for. There is a weekly lesson that conforms to current events. An example is that last Sunday the taught about The Last Supper, this week is Palm Sunday and then, of course, Easter.
Did I mention that it is free?
We invite parents to explore the site and give us some feedback. We’d like to focus on fun, games and creativity rather than “work” as they have been doing with “homeschooling”.

Also, we would like to give you another other resource for your kids focused on God.


Here are a few links we found that may be helpful for homeschooling resources.

Very Well Family -This site has a list of a bunch of good resources!