Elevation Kids Church

We offer Kid’s Church for preschool- 4th grade in the lobby area of Felton Community Hall. Your kid can join the teachers in the back of the meeting room after the first worship set. We  offer prepackaged snacks and juices for the kids and they learn stories and lessons from the Bible. The kids will also be able to  participate in creative activities and projects.
For More information please contact Justin.


life group ministries

Life Groups are the place to get to know others in the Elevation family!  Groups meet in homes (when COVID-appropriate) or online weekly or twice a month to enjoy community, study God’s Word, pray for one another, and share life.  Life Groups are the place where the church goes beyond mere Sunday worship service and connects in genuine fellowship.

To find out more contact Justin.


We cannot overestimate prayer since God works powerfully through prayer, as seen all throughout scripture. The leaders and staff at Elevation want you to know that your prayer requests are important to us. If you have a need that you would like us to pray about for you we have two ways to let us know. We invite you every Sunday morning during worship service (when we meet in-person) you are invited to write your prayer requests on the back of a Contact Card.  You can leave it on the Info Table in back. If you have an urgent need that comes up during the week you can email your prayer request to the Prayer Team.
If you have a heart for prayer please, contact Tiff.

Worship Arts Team

Worship team ministry
Do you play an instrument or sing or have a heart for worship? Do you desire to see God lifted up through music? The Elevation worship team is dedicated to excellence, but we are also about creating opportunities for both personal and musical growth. Whether you are a seasoned pro or an eager amateur, find out about how you can be a part of our worship team by contacting Tiff.

Tech Team

tech team ministry
Are you interested in helping out with audio mixing, live on-screen presentation, or lighting? Do you have a heart to assist with teaching graphics and worship lyrics presentation? Do you like working with computers, projectors, speakers, audio equipment, etc.? Training is available and no experience is necessary, but if you were on the road with Radiohead call right away! To find out about our tech teams, contact

Set Up and Tear Down Crews

We’re always looking for people willing to lend a hand as Road Crew! Since we set up and tear down every Sunday morning, having helping hands is vital to what we do at Elevation. If you love an enjoyable game of Tetris, you may be a perfect candidate! You’ll be amazed at how much stuff we can fit in our storage space! Interested in lending a hand? Contact

Environment Crew

environment crew ministries Ministries & Ministry Teams
Part of the Elevation culture is creating teaching environments that help communicate the message. The environment crew allows our artists to teach through their creative gifts. In this visual era we give high value to how things look, feel, smell, sound, and how Jesus is experienced at our gatherings. Each new series at Elevation features a unique room look and feel. If you are interested in joining our crazy artists in creating “the vibe” contact

Coffee Ministry

coffee ministry Ministries & Ministry Teams
Elevation does have a coffee ministry where we serve coffee and teas. It can currently  be found by the tree towards the back of the amphitheater. If you would like to help with this ministry please contact Tiff.


mission ministry logo Ministries & Ministry Teams

Elevation engages and commits to missional focused serving both locally and globally. Our local mission opportunities include things like serving the homeless along with community service projects. Our vision also includes serving outside of our country. Elevation does have annual short-term mission trips to Mexico and South Africa.
The folks of Elevation believe that mission happens best incarnate. We do this by living out the love and life of Jesus to the people that God has placed around us who are yet unconvinced about Jesus. Mission happens best when people live their lives with the awareness of those who don’t know Christ around them. The Christ-follower can then intentionally love them and serve them in His name. We try to make mission a part of all we do in the community, worship gatherings, and daily lives.

Short Term Mission Trips

If you feel called to participate in one of our upcoming short-term mission trips, please visit our Registration page.