Elevation is truly committed to mission both locally and globally. Keep an eye out for local mission opportunities such as serving the homeless and community service projects. Our vision also includes serving outside of the country and we are excited about our annual short-term mission trips to Mexico and South Africa.
We at Elevation believe that mission happens best incarnationally, by simply living out the love and life of Jesus to the people that God has placed around us who are as of yet unconvinced about Jesus. Mission happens best when people live their lives with the awareness of the people who don’t know Christ around them and the intention of loving them and serving them in his name. We try to make mission a part of all we do in community, worship gatherings, and daily lives.

Short Term Mission trips

Our church is passionate about sharing the love and grace and truth of Jesus in all the corners of the world. One way we express this passion is by going on short-term mission trips. These trips are typically 1-3 weeks and typically happen in Spring or Summer. If you are interested in joining on of the trip please fill out the forms on the short term mission page.
If you would like to see examples of our past mission trips, please watch the slide shows.

 Missions Blog Posts.

Elevation's Malawi Mission Trip

2020 Malawi Trip Prayer List

Elevation's Malawi Mission Trip
Mike Snyder, Erlo Driemeyer, and Rhudolph Nkosi are hoping and planning to help start a new church in Mzimba, a very rural area of Malawi. They would appreciate your prayers to our Father for a Christ centered awakening and clarity in their efforts while in Mzimba. Erlo Driemeyer and Rhudolph Nkosi will be the point people in this opportunity. Mike will be focusing on teaching children. Erlo is driving several days before and after our time in Malawi from South Africa to Zimbabwe to Mozambique to Malawi and return. 
Please keep all 3 men in your prayers.

Elevation's Malawi Mission Trip

Informational Meeting for Malawi Mission Trip 2020

Elevation's Malawi Mission Trip
Are you interested in going on a short term mission trip? Well we are planning our next one for March 4-18, 2020. Elevation will be taking an outreach trip to Malawi to help our friends Erlo and Rhudolph in planting a new church.

Mexico mission trip 2019 slide show

Mexico Mission Trip Prayer Schedule

Mexico mission trip 2019 slide show
The Mexico mission trip team will be gone from July 6th- 13th.
The theme for this trip isis Ephesians 6: 1-3, Honor your parents. We will have daily group devotions open to all.

Mexico prayer requests/schedule:

Saturday July 6, please pray for safe travel, border crossing, and their timely arrival before dark.
Sunday July 7, they will worship and teach at Alpha y Omega, finish preparation, set up for Vacation Bible Camp (VBC), and they’ll be setting up/planning for construction projects.
Monday July 8, they will teach on Genesis 22:1-19, Abraham and Isaac, and start construction project.
Tuesday July 9, they will teach Judges 16, Samson, and continue construction project.
Wednesday July 10, the group will be teaching Daniel 1, Daniel and friends in the king’s court, continue construction project, and teach Wednesday night Bible  study.
Thursday July 11, the team will teach Luke 4:1-13 the temptation of Jesus, close VBC with invitation to accept Jesus as Savior, and continue construction project.
Friday July 12, they will wrap up construction project,  teach youth group, and preparation to leave.
Saturday July 13, please pray for Alpha y Omega, their return home, border crossing, and safe travels. Amen!