adult teaching in South Africa in 2019

The Mission Team Has Made It To South Africa

adult teaching in South Africa in 2019
Mike Snyder has sent our first update about their travels and first day.
We had really smooth travel although long! Bart, John and Jamie delivered us to SFO w all luggage right on time and our beautiful glitter ID ribbons made our luggage easy to find and check all the way through, thanks to all of them and Deborah!
We had a long Turkish coffee session in the wee hours at Istanbul , literally so thick the stir stick stood straight up! Almost strong enough for me! All flights were on time and we arrived with everyone and all luggage in Durban SA Thursday afternoon to be met by Erlo and the Moores. It was good to catch up with all of them and the jump into Durban commute traffic on the wrong side of the road, just what was needed, but we made it to Hamba Ekukhanyeni with no trouble.
Friday we set up the circus tent. It went well with a couple challenges, wind and no rope experts except Ron. No one flew away and it held after a good test of lightning, rain, and wind. We were able to get settled, organize all the teaching supplies from this year and several previous years leftovers, our first session with kids is Sunday.
We start adult teaching today (Saturday) with Debby, Joanne, and Mike leading. We have had some good times of prayer and a good sharing/overview from Erlo about where the ministry is right now. Ron is leading the team devotions with a focus on “what is your calling”. Well started and praying the Lord clarifies for all of us. We are asking that you would pray that our words and actions will speak God’s truth into the lives of those we meet and teach as well as our own.
Our love to all of you, Mike for the team