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The Following ministries are currently are on hold due to the fact that our services are online. If you are interested in joining in the future, please email the team’s lead.

Worship Arts Team

Worship-Tech-Environment worship arts team
Do you play an instrument or sing or have a heart for worship? Do you desire to see God lifted up through music? Excellence is an important value for Elevation’s worship team. We also create opportunities for both personal and musical growth. Whether you are a seasoned pro or an eager amateur, find out about how you can be a part of our worship team by contacting Tiff.

Tech Crew

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Are you interested in helping out with audio mixing, live on-screen presentation, or lighting? Do you have a heart to assist with teaching graphics and worship lyrics presentation? Do you like working with computers, projectors, speakers, audio equipment, etc.? Training is available and no experience is necessary, but if you were on the road with Radiohead call right away! To find out about our tech teams, contact Tiff.

Set Up and Tear Down Crews

We’re always looking for people willing to lend a hand as Road Crew! Since we set up and tear down every Sunday morning, having helping hands is vital to what we do at Elevation. If you love an enjoyable game of Tetris, you may be a perfect candidate! You’ll be amazed at how much stuff we can fit in our storage space! Interested in lending a hand? Contact Tiff

Environment Crew

Worship-Tech-Environment environment crew ministries
Part of the Elevation culture is creating teaching environments that help communicate the message. The environment crew allows our artists to teach through their creative gifts. In this visual era, we give high value to how things look, feel, smell, sound, and how Jesus is experienced at our gatherings. Each new series at Elevation features a unique room look and feel. If you are interested in joining our crazy artists in creating “the vibe” contact  Tiff.
For a full list of ministries please visit our ministry page.