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Elevation exists to worship God, seek the lost, and make disciples of all nations.
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Attending a church for the first time can sometimes be uncomfortable, a little bit scary, or unfamiliar if you didn’t grow up attending one.  At Elevation, we don’t want you to be anxious about visiting us.  We do want you to come and experience what God is doing in and through our church.  Find out about what to expect on your visit.
Why Elevation Exists

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Changes For E In 2021

On January 10, 2021 a few announcements were made about the future of Elevation. 

read through the bible in a year

Read Through The Bible In 1 Year

read through the bible in a year

To grow closer to God and spend time in the word together, we’d love you and your friends to join us in reading through the Bible this year. The plan Elevation folk will use is Discipleship Journal’s Book-At-A-Time Bible Reading Plan. This plan has two readings for each day.

The first daily reading will be 3 to 4 chapters from an Old or New Testament book. The second daily reading is a chapter or so from the wisdom literature and Isaiah. Wisdom literature being the Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs.

Simply follow this link (Book-at-a-Time-Bible-reading-plan) to save and print the plan.


Why Elevation Exists


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Why Elevation Exists

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Why Elevation Exists



Where to Find Us

 Sundays @ 10:00 – 11:15 am
Online at with a Zoom Cafe after the sermon.
We will return to Felton Music Hall on 6275 Highway 9 in Felton when able. 

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